Comparative Analytical Project

It is a group paper. we are going to compare lululemon in Canada and Adidas in Germany.

I have to do two parts of this paper.(3 pages for each, 6 pages in total). They are no. 4 and no .5 on the second pager.

4.Describe how accounting principles have developed in each country in general terms, and evaluate the general content and approach of the Annual Report relative to this development. Why does financial reporting in the countries differ?

For sections 5 through 9, the lists are designed to be suggestions or examples of relevant items for comparison, not checklists to be rigorously followed.

5.Income Statement:For each company, describe (and/or) determine, evaluate and compare the following items:

a)Form and content of income statement

b)Manner of presentation of unusual/extraordinary items.

c)Presentation and computation of earnings per share data?

d)Accounting policies which are unusual or unique.

e)Method of accounting for foreign currency translation.

now, I will upload the requirements and both of two companies annual reports.