Compare and contrast procurement of IAS12, IAS 17, and IFRS9 and current GAAP standards.

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3 or more reference

Citations must match reference in paper


Company J P morgan chase

For the company you selected in Unit 1, (J P Morgan Chase) compare and contrast the following pronouncements and the current GAAP standards: ( 2 -4 pages

  • Income Taxes (IAS 12)
  • Leases (IAS17)
  • Financial Instruments (IFRS9)

Make any necessary updates to the financial statements below:

Review the financial statements of the company you chose from SEC EDGAR website, explain what accounts would be affected by IFRS 9, IAS 12 and 17 that you discussed above. How would company make changes to modify the financial statements? (400-600 words discussion) This must be written in details data and give excellent examples.

Updates the IA Chart: already done

Review the IA chart to see if it needs to be updated or not attached