Complete Business Communications Responses and LearnSmart Activity 4


Believe me, working for the government, I have sat through so many unproductive meetings it was hard to pick just one.  However, the ones that stick out in my mind are the annual survey result meetings.  We sit there for an hour or more, to only have the results read to us from a powerpoint that we have all been given prior to the meeting.  My thoughts have always been, since we have this presentation prior to the meeting, the meetings should be more along the lines of what we can do to improve the scores on the annual survey.  As an attendee, there wasn’t much I could have done differently, except to ask a question every now and then, but there was never a time for question and answer sessions.


When working at my last job, which was an insurance agency, our corporate office planned a meeting about our loss ratio with a certain company we sold insurance for. The meeting lasted about four hours, and the marketing rep for the company came to talk to us about how many accident we had in the area that year. During the meting, we discussed the issue but never actually came up with a plan to fix the issue. He told us about rate increases and things they may do on their part. The problem was that he never gave us any advice on what we could do as agents o help with the problem.

I believe prior to the meeting, he should have given us a chart of what the loss ratio was in certain zip codes. As agents, we are the ones who write the policy. If we know what zip codes  are causing the problems and have something to go by on a daily basis, we will be less likely to make a mistake.  Instead, he just stood and talked to us. We did not have any chart to look at making it hard to understand and remember what codes were causing us the most problems.

During the meeting, I should have asked more questions. I was unable to take notes because he was going so fast. I should have asked him if he had any charts showing what zip codes were having the most accidents. The I should have asked him if could type up something or make a chart and emailed it to us later.