Write a 1,500 to 1,800-word paper that applies each of the communication theories that follows·          Expectancy Violations Theory·         Social Penetration Theory·         Adaptive Structuration Theory.For each theory you discuss, provide one example of how you have experienced the theory in your life. That’s three theories, with one example for each theory. Be specific and provide an example, rather than just generalities of how you may have experienced the theory. Consider these questions as you provide your examples:Was the communication event effective?Could it have been more effective?How might you communicate differently in the future?Essentially you will be choosing three different experiences and analyzing them in regards to the communication theory that the experience demonstrated.Your paper should adhere to the APA standards for formatting, though please note that it is acceptable to write this paper in the first person since this is a personal paper. You are allowed to use outside sources for this assignment but they must be documented properly. You must use your textbook as a source for your paper and include at least two in-text citations referring to your text. Do not forget the importance of an adequate thesis statement (which is generally a sentence in your introductory paragraph), introduction and conclusion.