Concept Map

Create a Concept Map for each of the following types of drugs: An Adrenergic Agonist, an Adrenergic Blocker, a Cholinergic Agonist, and an Anticholinergic Agent; there should be FOUR concept maps submitted for this assignment.Each section of the map MUST BE COMPLETED IN FULL.All written assignments (Concept Maps, Lab logs, antidote assignments, insulin table, case studies) must be accompanied by a Reference List in APA 7th edition format. Points will be deducted for missing Reference ListsRubricConcept MapCriteriaThis criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Nursing Interventions. Must include 7 interventions. Your nursing interventions will consist of assessments and interventions based on the disease process and medication: What will you want to assess or implement with a patient with this disease process taking this medication. Be sure to incorporate the interventions necessary to prevent injury related to side and adverse effects of the medication.This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Nursing Diagnosis This is based on your Assessment. Each student is to identify one nursing diagnosis per care plan. The diagnosis should be the highest priority for the patient. Use your reference book for identifying your nursing diagnoses. Make sure your nursing diagnosis statement is complete, include R/T (related to) and S/T (secondary to) and AEB (as evidenced by).This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Mechanism of Action-Pathophysiology Summary. You are required to complete a pathophysiology summary of your patient’s health issues (acute or chronic) as it relates to the medication. This includes a brief summary of the surgical procedure or the medical condition AND the DRUG Class, as well as evidenced-based practice nursing care for this type of patient.Cite your reference(s) using APA format. The summary should be written in your own words. DO NOT cut and paste from your reference(s). It is important to understand what is happening to the body related to this disease process.This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Patient Teaching. Describe the teaching you will do with this patient and family.This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Indications & Contraindications . List the most common indications and contraindications for the drug/classThis criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Side & Adverse Effects. List the common, and most lethal, side and adverse effects. Remember, your nursing interventions will include teaching, monitoring, and preventing injury related to these effects