Contract Negotiations

Contract Negotiations

Contract negotiations require considerable education, experience, and training. Trained negotiators have solid knowledge and skill sets that often enable them to garner a more favorable contract for their party. 

In a two-to-three page paper, detail the following in relation to contract negotiation:

  • Describe the knowledge and skill that are critical to the success of a contract negotiator.
  • Present one strategy an effective negotiator should consider to achieve a more favorable contract (for e.g., to prepare diligently for each negotiation).

The submission must adhere to APA style guidelines


You may find it useful to visit the:  United States Department of Labor Statistics  and the O*NET Resource Center websites

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  • O*NET makes occupational information available on its website at no cost . This website supports the Contract Negotiations assignment for this week.

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  • This website provides links to all labor statistics available from the government. It supports the Contract Negotiations& nbsp; assignment for this week.