Contracting Management

1. The contracting officer can, at his discretion, elect not to terminate a defaulted contractor.

a. True

b. False

2. The only ground to terminate a contractor for default that does not require a cure notice is:

a. Failure to deliver

b. Failure to make progress

c. Failure to perform any other contractual condition

d. They all require a cure notice

3. The Loss Formula

a. Allows the contractor to recover his losses

b. Allows the government to recover it losses

c. Cause the contractor to sustain the same loss position it had prior to termination 

d. All the above

4. The total cost claim approach is not favored because:

a. It will yield large awards to the contractor

b. It does not take into account contractor cause additional costs

c. It doesn’t take into account the government estimates

d. It doesn’t allow for excusable delay

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