Correct the project, assignment help

I have sent the project to my teacher and she replied to me by saying

Hi Hameed,

I have read your paper for the term project. Please be aware that the Fatal Flaw Policy of the College of business applied to this assignment.

Your report did not pass the Fatal Flaw Policy in its current form. Please revise and resubmit it to Blackboard no later than nextWednesday 5/10 at noon.
According to the Fatal Flaw Policy, the penalty for the first round of failed papers is to take off up to 15% of the total grade, which I will take off 5%.

Should the revised and resubmitted paper contain the same number or more of flaws than 1 per 125 words, the paper may be assessed up to an additional 15 penalty points off the final grade, which, in that case, I will take off an additional 5%.

Please revise the paper and resubmit it as soon as you can.

So, I would like to post new question for u to make an enhancement on it. I will let it 10 dollars if u do not mind because this question I have paid a lot 50.

You have the term project u did it before. I will attach the Flaw Police.