Cost Control and Purchasing, management assignment help


Library Research Assignment

Purchasing is one of the key areas in the cost control process of the restaurant and foodservice industry. When a customer orders an item from the menu, he or she has certain expectations. If size, shape, color, grade, or portions are mentioned, then those food characteristics are what the customer should receive and therefore buyers must select the correct food products needed to produce menu items that satisfy customers’ expectations.

In addition to the correct item, the buyer must also purchase the correct amounts. Controls and purchasing procedures must be instituted to prevent costs getting out of line or the delivery of unacceptable products. Selected items for purchasing are set by standard specifications to ensure consistency. The purchasing procedure consists of the following steps:

1. Designating a purchasing person

2. Determining which products to buy by establishing product specifications

3. Estimating how often and how much to order

4. Choosing purchasing methods based on organizational needs

5. Selecting vendors

For this assignment research the library, internet or other sources to find a recipe for an entrée that you would consider putting on a menu.

  • Provide the recipe you have selected.
  • Write a product specification for the main ingredient. It should include the following:
    • Product name
    • Specification number
    • Pricing unit
    • Standard or grade
    • Weight range/size
    • Packaging
    • Container size
    • Intended use
    • Product yield
    • Other information
  • After you have written your product specifications, write a reflection of 2–3 paragraphs on the advantages, disadvantages, and limitations of writing product specifications.