Country of Russia “The Foreign Exchange Market.”, assignment help

Please look up current articles and topics that relate to the Country of Russia. You just went over the chapter that talked about “The Foreign Exchange Market.” You will need to do a bit of research to find out what the currency is for Russia and look at the risk that is involved with business today for that country. What are some things that you feel would be important to know if you would be doing business with or in Russia?

I have included a link below that I would like you to get familiar with. Once you click on the link below you will be taken to the “GlobalEdge” website. This is a wonderful source for you to use moving forward. You are able to look up a tremendous amount of information for all countries. On the left hand side of the website you will see multiple links to click on that has everything to do with Russia. You will be researching Russia for your final project. I am providing you an opportunity to “Start” with this activity. Whatever you put together in this activity you will need to for your final project. This will be “part 1” to the final project. You are fully empowered to provide solid and substantial research on the country based off of what you have learned in the previous chapters. Of course, the more detail the better as it will help you with your final in the long run. Please provide at least 2 pages, double-spaced, and 11pt font for this “starting” activity. Upload your research to the link provided in Moodle.

Paper Format:

Cover Letter, Intro, Body with Titles and Subtitles, Conclusion, References

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