create a meme

Option B: Neuroscience memeMeme is an idea, an item of cultural knowledge, an interesting/amusing thing that spreads in a culture and is often expressed as an image or a video. This  assignment asks you to express some neuroscience/biopsychological concept(s) you’ve learned in this class by turning them into a meme.There are many meme generators available, and you can use any one that you are comfortable with. One option is goal of this assignment is for you to be able to communicate a neuroscientific idea in a quick, accessible way. It can be funny and/or insightful if possible, but as long as the concept is effectively communicated, it’s fine.You can use a pre-existing image template in the meme generator but the meme itself must be original. See what I mean from the examples below: it would be okay to use these same images, but the idea, the combination of the image and the text, must be original and created by you, not copied from someone.Upload and embed your meme as an image file (e.g. .jpg, .png) below in your post. Also, include a brief (1-4 sentences) explanation of your meme – describe what the idea is that you are trying to communicate.A meme that is original (created by you), is understandable and communicates correct information receives the full credit.Here are some examples