Critical Infra Protection Section 01 Spring 2020 CO

Final PPT Project: Due, Sunday May 3rd. Submit your Critical Infrastructure Final Project to D2L before or on May 4th for your final exam grade. PowerPoint should be 15-20 slides, on the critical infrastructure you reviewed and thought the most critical during the semester. You must pick one Critical Infrastructure Sector out of the 16 to reinforce the points learned and incorporate a Risk Management Framework in your power point for that Critical Infrastructure. Make sure you cover all the components of the Risk Management Framework including the Rework Loop. Your PPT should also summarize the key features of the Critical Infrastructure you choose including how it is critical and connected with other critical infrastructures as well as dependent on some. In short, this is your final project and the effort and knowledge you have taken from the class should be reflected in your final project. This is technically our last week and your final project is due next Sunday, May 3rd. The late drop box is open until May 4th in case you need to submit any late work. Let’s finish strong!

Your final exam project will be in POWER POINT format and assess the risk of one of the 16 Critical Infrastructures.

You will use the NIPP Risk Management Framework.

Assess threats to Physical, cyber and human elements by:

Setting security goals

Identify assets, systems, Networks and functions,

Assess risks, consequences , vulnerabilities and threats,


Implement Protective Programs

Measure Effectiveness

Use the feedback loop to always revisit new items on the framework.