Critical Reasoning , business and finance homework help

Critical reasoning ( WORD LIMIT 1500 )

Students will be assessed on the following learning outcomes:

1. understand the process of critical reasoning and employ that understanding in the support of the student’s personal development as a learner.

2. Be able to use cognitive skills to apply a given range of techniques and concepts to more effectively analyse , evaluate, retrieve and organise information relating to issues in the management of organisations.

3. be able to orally communicate ideas effectively and develop sound argument in a discussion, and make informed judgments upon the issues in management.

4. be able to effectively express ideas through the structured use of verbal and written formats.

5. continue the maintenance and development of the personal development plan.

In the other hand, there are 5 topics in the pdf file choose only on topic and kindly let me informed which one of the five topics you will be choosing and provide a powerpoint presentation with the answer.

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