Critically evaluate the research study, focusing mainly on the “Introduction” and “Methods” sections of the article.

1. Research approach and design

Apply your knowledge of research methods to identify the study’s research approach

and design. Discuss if the research approach and design used are appropriate in helping

the study achieve its study aims. Substantiate your response with relevant evidence

from the study.

(10 marks, 150 words)

2. Sample

a. Demonstrate your knowledge of the topic of sampling and examine the

appropriateness of the following aspects of the study in relation to its aims: the

target population, the sample(s) characteristics, the sample size(s), and the sampling


b. If representativeness is an issue, propose and outline the most appropriate sampling

method that can be used for this study. Briefly explain your choice.

(50 marks, 650 words)

3. Measurement

Evaluate the various ways Social Networking Site behaviours were measured (see

paragraph 2.2.2 in the article), considering their contribution to accurate results.

Briefly suggest some ways to improve item validity and response accuracy.

(30 marks, 400 words)