Critique essay

Assignment: Critique

Length: 1500-1800 words

Mechanics: Use 12-point Times New Roman font, default margins, double-spacing, correct APA documentation. You may double-side or single-side the document.

Write a critique on any one of the assigned essays in “Chapter 12: The Changing Landscape of Work in the Twenty-First Century” (pp.433-472). Follow the guidelines provided in “Chapter 2: Critical Reading and Critique” (pp. 51-77) – review “Guidelines for Writing Critiques” (p. 68). Below is a general overview of the five parts of a critique:

1. Write a clear introduction (one paragraph). Give the author’s full name, the title of the essay, and the author’s thesis in the first sentence. Explain the author’s purpose in writing the essay: what is he/she trying to get the reader to think or do? Provide some general information about the article’s topic and the issues involved. Explain your general opinion of the essay. Do you think that the essay was well written or persuasive? Why or why not? Finally, state your own position on the issue (your thesis or major argument).

2. Give a clear summary of the article that you will be commenting on (one paragraph). Be objective, coherent, and complete in your summary. That is, do not add your opinion of the topic or your evaluation of the essay here. Use markers like “The author suggests that . . .” to make it clear that you are paraphrasing someone else’s opinion and not stating your own. Avoid unintentional plagiarism: use your own wording and sentence structures. Add one or two short quotations.

3. Analyze the article (two paragraphs). In one paragraph, evaluate the essay on such rhetorical aspects as accuracy, validity, fairness, significance, organization, language, and audience. Is the author successful in persuading you? Why or why not? Then, in a second paragraph, evaluate the author’s use of appeals (look at pages 132-136 in the textbook)—emotional, logical, and ethical. Give specific examples of each appeal and explain them. Are they appropriate or persuasive in the essay? Why or why not?

4. Respond to the ideas of the article (two or three paragraphs). Find at least two articles from Academic Search Complete database and use at least two essays from Chapter 12 of the textbook (besides the essay that you are criticizing). Do not use online Google searches. Use your research to support your opinion concerning the topic. Do you agree with the author or not?Why or why not? All sources must be paraphrased. You may quote as well, but do so sparingly – and use lead-in phrases.

5. The conclusion (one paragraph). Return to the article and summarize your opinion about its validity and persuasiveness. What are its weaknesses and strengths? Restate (in new words) your major arguments on the topic.

Be sure to provide a correct APA-style References page. You should have five entries.

Provide a word count at the end of the document.