Critique this RFP for an Android app, management homework help

Critique this RFP for an Android app, and offer your own suggestions for how it might be improved. only need 150-200 words


Use the list (see below), and the top 5 Google results for “How to write a good RFP”, to identify specific ways that this websites RFP may be improved. Actual example text is welcomed in your suggestions (you may make some things up, if needed).

The list we generated:

  • Title page / Overview
    • What the RFP is for (Statement of Purpose)
    • Who it’s for (Who is audience this RFP is aimed at?)
    • Issuance date
  • Table of Contents for RFP
  • Executive Summary
    • Project Overview
  • Background of issuing organization
    • Brief background story of organization
    • Goals of organization (and alignment with this project)
  • Requirements for successful project
    • Problem Statement / Solution requirements (needs before wants)
    • Scope of project
    • Goals of Project / (Deliverables & Specific Outcomes)
    • Detailed specifications
      • Support
      • Training
      • Integration/migration requirements
      • Budget parameters (Payments, incentives, penalties)
    • Timeline for project
    • Expectations
    • Liability/Insurance
    • Termination
  • Evaluation criteria
    • Budget
    • Timeline for RFP process
    • Ranking of Eval criteria (which is weighted more)
  • Format for response documentation
  • Contact information for relevant people in your organization
    • Names
    • Phone #s
    • Email addys
  • How to respond
    • Where to send the response
    • How to send response
    • Deadline for responses
    • Accompanying materials
  • Format the RFP so it is easy to find salient info!
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