CRM344 Talladega Cross-examination And Courtroom Tips & Techniques

You will answer the following questions after viewing transcripts from the movie My Cousin Vinny©.
You will compose your answers in paragraph format, following APA guidelines.
Be certain to check grammar and spelling as assignment will be graded on these factors as well as content and how well questions are answered. Answer these five question.

1. Demonstrative Evidence is very effective in making a point in court. Provide examples of how a lawyer makes a “point” using a demonstration
2. A lay or expert witness must be very careful when “estimating” data in their testimony. Provide examples of a witness who finds themselves in “trouble” due to their faulty estimate of time/place/etc.
3. Cross Examination is prepared by attorneys in advance. Part of that preparation is knowledge of the answer to every question asked. Provide examples regarding what can happen when preparation is NOT done properly
4. Using common, “down to earth” examples of symbolism to make a technical point is a very effective tactic. Provide examples of this technique which was done effectively
5. Give examples of a judge’s absolute power in the courtroom

In order to complete the assignment for this module, view the following transcripts from the movie My Cousin Vinny:

  • Clip 1 (Click here for transcript)
  • Clip 2 (Click here for transcript)
  • Clip 3 (Click here for transcript)
  • Clip 4 (Click here for transcript)

Launer, D., Schiff, P.(Producer), & Lynn, J. (Director). (1992). My cousin vinny. [Motion picture]. United States: 20th Century Fox.