Cross Cultural Management, business and finance homework help

Module name: Cross Cultural Management,

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Topic of the presentation is on:

Regional differences in a national culture and their effects on leadership effectiveness: A tale of two neighboring Chinese cities.

-You should prepare and deliver a presentation to include the following:

1)A brief summary of the article including its key Concepts, Aims, Objectives and THEORIES used…etc.

2)Comment on how the article relates to cross-cultural management with the relevant theories of Leadership in cross cultural management.

3)A critique of the article to include your observations on the strengths and weaknesses of the article (for example, a critique of the methodology, the Limitations of this research)

-The main keyword topic of the presentation is {LEADERSHIP, National culture}. This should be a total of 5 pages. Make sure you have 3 sources, and APA format

-The time given to present is 20 minutes.

– Put the given Article in the reference list with other used references that are about cross-cultural management using APA referencing style.


-Any type of Plagiarism will be panellised.

so upload the

*Slides: that must be clear and following the instructions carefully.

*Pages: that we read from to explain the each slide

*Excellent simple English language, I do not like heavy vocabulary

*12 slides without the title and name page

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