Cultural and Business Etiquette

answer those question and complete the report, not just answer question. need analysis and some chart in that. for APA style. and the country is Bhutan , 7 page 1. Why is it important to understand the culture of another country?

2. What are the main elements of culture? Explain in depth each of these elements and examine how they impact the culture of your specific country?

3. How would you try to systematically understand the cultural differences between your specific country and the US? Use Hoffstede’s comparison to highlight the differences between the US and your research topic.

4. How would you deal with ethics in the context of international business? Is bribery/corruption common in this country?

5. What are some of the basic norms regarding business etiquette in that country? Refer to and Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands to get started.

6. What adjustments would you have to make to do business in the country of your choice?

7. Organize your answers with headings and sub-headings in a paper format. Please do not use the questions as your headings.

8. It is Mandatory to use the APA style with in-text citations. Also, have a Table of Contents with page numbers.