Cultural Misunderstanding Presentation

Select 2 workplace situations in which the clients’ or customers’ needs were not met because of miscommunication due to cultural issues.Select 1 multimedia format from this list to use for your assignment:Multimedia presentation (7 to 9 slides)InfographicAnimated video (1–2 minutes)Based on the multimedia format you selected, use an online audio, video, or web-presentation format that will allow you to present your 2 scenarios in a compelling way. For example, you can use Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Microsoft® Sway, Powtoon, Prezi®, Canva, or Visme.Create a presentation about the 2 workplace cultural miscommunication situations you selected that that addresses the following:Include workplace setting details.Include resolution details (if applicable).Assess the resolution results.Identify 2 strategies that would have improved the outcome.