Cyber security culture discussion questions

deadline saturday.

task: Develop a plan for a program to promote a security culture for the company.

What framework will you use for your program?

What strategies will you use to change behavior to one of security?

What Security Awareness strategies will you employ?


Exceeds Competency

90 – 100


Grammar, spelling, sentence structure; Cite sources in APA format from reputable reference materials


All work is in APA format with appropriately cited sources; no grammar or spelling errors.Uses complete sentences, well formed paragraphs, and graduate level word usage and complex sentence structure.

Culture of Security Framework


Develops a clear, logical plan for a program to promote a security culture for the company that is solidly based on a framework that clearly sets goals and measurements; organizational structure to involve the right people, activities to build the culture, and plans to execute, measure progress, and revise the plan. Provides reliable sources for the framework and plan.



Clearly describes more than 5 strategies in detail that will be used to change behaviors to be more security conscious.These strategies are based on a behavior change model or theory. Provides reliable sources to support the use of the strategies.

Security Awareness


Describes in detail a least 5 security awareness strategies will be used to promote the culture of security.These cover both physical and digital security.