Cybercrime Search Warrant, law assignment help

As a result of subpoena, you have obtained information from Skype, Facebook and Snapchat that has led you to an address. You are still unsure of the name of the perpetrator(s) and he/she is referred to variously as, Lisa Sprat, Jack Sprat and J Doe. You have gotten this information through the internet provider utilizing the IP address of the subscriber. You know now that the computer is located at 952 Sex Offender Way, Everest County, California. You must plan what to look for and list what may be taken with as much specificity as possible on the warrant. You have discovered through county records that Larry Stump owns the house. Lisa Sprat is the customer on the internet bill at this IP address.

Prepare the search warrant for the premises and surroundings if possible. Document all items that would need to be seized and the reason that they are needed for the prosecution. This should include any information that would identify the person committing the crimes and substantiation of the commission of the offenses.