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Data mining processes and technology influences decision-making processes because as indicated in the video, we as consumers use technology to help us make decisions with the provided useful data. Technology also helps us increase the amount of decisions we humans can make independently by a great number. Think about shopping in a store versus shopping online, when in a store, one only has the information about the product that they can find on the actual product. While shopping online, customers can find where the materials used in the production of the product originated from or other exact information not readily available in a store.

Changes I see coming in the near future are the increased use of technology to make everyday decisions. One can prepare themselves for the increase in how technology will be used in our day to day lives is by just familiarizing themselves with the technology we have today. Also, if incorporating technology with everyday decisions, it will make it easier to adapt to the ever-changing tech being presented to society on what seems to be a yearly basis.

How we as consumers to gather information to make a decision on whether or not to buy a product is mentioned above. By shopping online, consumers are able to search the internet about the product and get more than enough information to make a decision.

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Data mining and technology have a great influence on the consumer decision making process. Data mining and technology allow the consumer to do plenty of research before making a decision to buy a product of service. If you want something these days you can look up the product or service and may others like it in order to find the one that suits you. In the future I believe this will become the way of the consumer, as we move froward the technology will become more advanced and make this process easier for consumers. What you can do to prepare yourself for these changes would be to do research on items and get familiar with using the web. Once you learn how to research your products you will see all teh options available to you. 

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Data mining and technology are influencer’s in the decision making process because data mining curates a database of predicted trends and behaviors. This process helps identify potential problems and analyze new ways of target marketing. With the implementation of data mining, it allows for more efficient marketing strategies. Instead of using the traditional forms of hands on analysis, marketers can now have the benefit of getting answers directly from the data. The changes that I see happening in the near future is the full implementation of technology and data mining. This process has shown to be effective and provide marketers with the most necessary data information. The ways the one can prepare for the method is to become more acquainted with the strategies. This methods help to narrow down how companies can formulate their target marketing stratisgies. 

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