DDHA8900 Wk6 assignment create variable control charts

Control charts assist health care  administration leaders in determining which processes in their health  services organization are in control. As a tool, creating variable  control charts such as the Xbar and R charts are useful since they help  to present the data in meaningful ways, which allow health care  administration leaders to make quick decisions regarding those processes  not in control.For this Assignment, review  the resources for this week that are specific to variable control  charts. Focus on mimicking the development of the Xbar and R charts in  the chapter rather than the Xbar and S charts or I-MR charts.The Assignment: (3–4 pages)Using SPSS and Microsoft Word, complete problems 1 through 5 on pages 263–264 in the Ross textbook. Showallwork. Submit both your SPSS and Word files for grading.