Deepwater Horizon Movie Review

Ethics in the Movies

Review the following movie:

Deepwater Horizon (2016)

Write a short paper (at least 2 full pages but no more than 4 pages) examining the ethical dilemma addressed in the movie. Some of the questions you should answer: What is the key ethical dilemma in the movie? What action do decision makers take in response to the dilemma? What code of values are decision makers following in the movie? If you were in their situaion, what action would you take? Why would you take that action–what does your proposed action say about your code of ethics.

Rather than just listing the questions and answering them, I want a smooth paper that addresses these questions and others. Do not give me your opinion unless you can back it up with information from the book, the video you watched, or other credible sources. Make sure you list all sources quoted. Do not take credit for work that is not yours!