defamation in the legal sense, law homework help

In our final chapter of the textbook and last week of the course, you will draft an argument for an appellate brief. Now that you have researched the applicable law regarding defamation, you are ready to write an argument to be included in an appellate brief. Complete the following assignment:

  • After reviewing the sample appellate brief in Chapter 15 (paying particular attention to the “Summary of Argument” and “Argument” sections appearing on pages 369-373,) you will use the research you collected in your previous assignment with regard to the problem appearing on page 412 to draft a coherent argument for an appellate brief.
  • Assume that a judgment has been entered that ruled in favor of the defendant(s.)
  • Your client (the plaintiff) wants to appeal the unfavorable judgment.
  • Write the argument section of an appellate brief using research that you collected in your previous assignment and add additional legal authorities as needed.
  • Your argument should apply the law to the facts of the case to show why the plaintiff should have prevailed in the trial.
  • Review the examples of appellate briefs in Chapter 15 to see how to structure your argument.