Delta Airlines and Northwest Airlines, microeconomics essay help


Few years ago, Delta Airlines and Northwest Airlines merged together and created the largest airlines in the world. The logic was to be more efficient and improve profitability. Briefly explain how the merger can possibly lead to cost savings and profitability for the airlines.

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  • Few years ago, the rice prices drastically increased in a short period of time. In several parts of the world experienced shortages and food riots over rapid rises in rice prices. Several rice producing countries imposed limitation on rice export and even retailers in the United States limited the quantity of rice each customer could buy. Increase in population, and draught in some rice producing areas were mentioned as contributing factors in the rice price crisis. With the help of simple demand and supply analysis, explain the changes in the rice market.
  • 2)Due to natural factors as well as climate change, the production of food and agricultural products is slowing down. The improvement in standards of living around the world, on the other hand, increases the demand for food and agricultural products. Evaluate this statement and predict the outcome for this market in the short and long run.
  • You have been selected as the “Employee of the Year,” and your company rewards you with a one week cruise for two to the Caribbean. The trip is free to you and you were planning to take one week off and go somewhere with your spouse. Your company has paid $15,000 for the package. However, under no circumstances you would pay more than $8,000 for this trip. That is, the worth or utility of the trip to you is $8,000. A co-worker offers you $10,000 for the trip. You know that this is a very good offer and you cannot sell the trip for more than this amount. As a rational maximizer individual, what would you do? Why?