Design an evaluation study, management homework help

Design an Evaluation Study based upon the following:

  1. What is the information you are trying to find out?
  2. The steps you will use to create team of evaluators.
  3. What tools will you implement to conduct the evaluation?
  4. How will you select and keep your participants?
  5. Will the design be one sight or a MSE design? Explain why.
  6. How will you ensure no bias has influenced the evaluation?
  7. Please elaborate on the type of feedback you will provide to who and when?
  8. This report should include and executive summary, which is a one page report of everything that is summarized in this evaluation, and why.

This should be a 5 page paper. Times New Roman Font 12 pt. double spaced.

Citations should be used, for really, every paragraph.

MLA or APA citation techniques.