design new network infrastructure to be work as mobile enterprise system network, communications homework help

Please read the following scenario carefully and answer the questions given below.

As we all are aware, the world is moving towards cloud computing and Internet of Things related concepts which have started to reveal synergies in the Information and Communication Technology industry. This current trend impacts a change in their work environment by an allencompassing approach that continues to focus on Enterprise mobility in regular work habits enabling employees working out of the office and using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and cloud services to perform their regular day-to-day business tasks, which so called Enterprise mobility management. The term refers not only to employee and mobile devices, but also to the mobility of corporate data so that it can improve employee productivity, but at the same time it also creates more security risks which need to focus on mobile device management, mobile application management and mobile information management. By enabling such enterprise mobility management in their work environment, recently many companies are running into many complications due to lack of appropriate policies, use of right technologies and poor infrastructure planning to meet the upcoming challenges, which is an major issues affecting enterprise mobility in terms of communication, organization and technology.

However, the enterprise mobility is still in developing stage, in particular due to a number of factors, which limit the full exploitation of the technological growth. So it’s time for reinvention with such an enterprise Communication needs. We as a solution provider need to evaluate technologies to support enterprise mobility within an organization. With the above said enterprise challenges, conduct a detailed study about the various technologies related to enterprise mobility and prepare a report based on your recommended solution to focus towards the following purposes and aspects:

The need for enterprise mobility development in an organization with reference to the architectures of high Scalability for exchanging information in the integrated network environments.

Reflection on using these new technologies in different fields and their impact on business life that impacts enterprise communication.

Difficulties in developing a clear approach for enabling innovation, trust and ownership of data in the enterprise mobility management.

To analyze the challenges that companies have to face when dealing with these new technologies and improvement in collaboration.

Practical aspects to optimize operational efficiency towards customer satisfaction of enterprise mobility management.

questions needs to answers :

Question 1: Develop a consistent, interoperable and accessible enterprise mobility management across different work flow and administration scenarios in an organization, including standardisation. Provide justification for your development approach.

Question 2: Critically analyse the challenges in terms of security based on various risk factors related to enterprise mobility technology that may impact the future which are laid out in terms of communication, organization and technology

Question 3: A successful enterprise mobility infrastructure must be in need of reliable and robust network infrastructure. Recommend the company to deal with your suggested network wireless infrastructure to support mobile workers by submitting a detailed design report for providing mobile data access.

4: To support all your analysis report, Identify and analyse research based article related to your enterprise mobility management and include the article summary along with your reflection in your report and also refer the article link as evidence.