DesignAll Company Cost Analysis Report In Project Management

1. Review the “Cost Performance Information” for the Current Period which is the month of May, and compare that to the “Cost Baseline Information”. Is everything going well for the month of May?

2. Review the “Cost Performance Information” for Cumulative to Date and compare the cumulative cost data to the “Cost Baseline Information”. Create a Cost Analysis Report by answering the following question:

1. Is the project on Schedule and Cost?
(Use the stated PV, EV, AC, SV and CV Cost Performance Information to explain the status of the project. Remember, This report is submitted to management for their review and comments. Ensure you give them enough information so they understand what is happening on the project regarding the Schedule Variance and Cost Variance.)

2. Also use the calculated SPI, CPI and EAC details to further explain the status of the project.

3. Create the “Cost Analysis Report” in the attached word template. Please make sure to complete the following field in the report with strong explanation and in-depth analysis details:

1. Problem Analysis
2. Task / Project Impact
3. Corrective Action Plan