Designing and Maintaining a Retirement Plan, business and finance homework help

In the article, “Designing and Maintaining a Retirement Plan” DesMarteau discusses how if a company offers a retirement plan to its employees it has to be well maintained and well managed. Specifically, DesMarteau (2014) states “Retirement readiness is of increasing concern, and offering retirement benefits can be a valuable recruitment and retention tool, but attempting to maintain a retirement plan without paying proper attention can be much worse than not offering one at all.” A retirement plan is something a lot, if not all, employees count on and want to know that it is working for them. If employees are going to receive a pension they want to know that there is going to be enough money in that pension to pay them throughout their retirement. Employers need to ensure their employees have the knowledge they need to wisely invest their money within the company and how that retirement plan will work for them now and in the future. A retirement plan can offer defined benefits and defined contribution plans. These two plans offer some employee say in how to invest. When I worked for the federal government I was allowed to choose and move percentages of my investment to certain funds. It was nice that I was able to look at the funds available and make changes based upon how the funds were progressing. Periodic review of retirement plans offered will not only benefit the employer, but the employee as well.


DesMarteau, L. K. (2014). “Designing and Maintaining a Retirement Plan.” Benefits Law Journal. 27(1), 57-83.