detailed account in MEMO format, business and finance homework help

Report of 4 pages, I did 3 pages I need someone to add thoughts to my report to make it reach reach 4 pages? total of one page

The prompt is uploaded below and my report is below as well. you can read every thing and understand it then you can add your thoughts to the report.

The prompt is asking to do a one page letter I already did that, I want only to add one page to my report thats it.

Report (4-6 Pages): A detailed account in MEMO format that explains the solution you have selected, analyzes and discusses why the solution is significant and why the group chose that particular solution. You should be able to build a case for recommendations in your report by giving ample examples of reader benefits. Examples of how the solution will positively impact the organization should be presented. If you have determined procedural changes are required, you must build your report to support recommendations.