Develop a 4-6 page plan that will allow your intervention to be implemented in your target population and setting.

Topic: we discussed issues with staffing and issues with clients receiving facetime. As well as being part of the team despite Covid-19 and restrictions. It was clear how Covid-19 has negatively affected both the staff and clients.What are the needs of your stakeholders that are relevant to your target population and need?What applicable health care policy and regulations are relevant to your target population and need?How will these considerations impact the development of your Intervention Plan Design assessment?How can you work these considerations into the development of your Implementation Plan Design assessment?Part 1: Management and LeadershipPropose strategies for leading, managing, and implementing professional nursing practices to ensure interprofessional collaboration during the implementation of an intervention plan.Analyze the implications of change associated with proposed strategies for improving the quality and experience of care while controlling costs.Part 2: Delivery and TechnologyPropose appropriate delivery methods to implement an intervention which will improve the quality of the project.Evaluate the current and emerging technological options related to the proposed delivery methods.Part 3: Stakeholders, Policy, and RegulationsAnalyze stakeholders, regulatory implications, and potential support that could impact the implementation of an intervention plan.Propose existing or new policy considerations that would support the implementation of an intervention plan.Part 4: TimelinePropose a timeline to implement an intervention plan with reference to specific factors that influence the timing of implementation.Address Generally ThroughoutIntegrate resources from diverse sources that illustrate support for all aspects of an implementation plan for a planned intervention.Communicate implementation plan in a way that clearly illustrate the importance of interprofessional collaboration to create buy-in from the audience.