Developing a HR Strategy for Starbucks, business and finance assignment help

Chapter 3 – The Manager’s Role in Strategic Human Resource Management. At the end of this chapter complete the Experiential Exercise: Developing a HR Strategy for Starbucks.

As it states in the directions for this activity, head to a local Starbucks or coffee shop. While there, take in the environment and culture. Using that experience, develop a HR strategy for Starbucks, including the four elements: a basic business/competitive strategy, workforce requirements that this strategy requires, specific HR Policies and the activities necessary to produce these, and suggestions for metrics to measure this.

After observing at a local coffee shop, write up a brief HR strategy with the four elements listed above (about 2-3 pages, double spaced, and formatted according to APA standards). In this paper, as in most CCU papers, make sure that you support your statements with specific references to course materials, outside research, and Scripture. Submit your assignment using the Session 1 Experiential Exercise link by the due date posted. Refer to the rubric in the Due Dates and Grades for additional grading criteria.

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