Developing Human Resources

500-700 Words with APA citations

Please add to the attached document and this will be the final step of this project is to include a conclusion of 2–3 paragraphs regarding the addition of an important HR consideration that was not previously included in your Week 4 IP paper.

Please choose 1 item from the following list:

  • Risk management
  • Safety and health, including the legal areas surrounding this
  • Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA-1970) provisions, including record keeping and inspection requirements
  • Effective safety management
  • Workplace health issues
  • Workplace violence and effective security programs
  • Disaster preparation and recovery planning
  • Employee rights associated with free speech and access to employee records
  • Workplace monitoring and drug testing
  • Development of employee handbook
  • Employment-at-will
  • Just cause
  • Due process
  • Wrongful discharge
  • Absenteeism measurement and monitoring
  • Discipline approaches (e.g., positive and progressive)
  • Unions (e.g., membership, collective bargaining, and unionization)
  • Grievance procedures

Research your chosen topic using the online library, course materials, and credible Web sites. In 500–700 words, discuss that topic in more detail by providing the following:

  • General description of topic
  • How topic relates to your company specifically
  • How you (as HR management) will incorporate this concept into company policy and practice, including:
    • Important legal or ethical concerns to consider in integrating this concept into practice
    • Recommended system for monitoring its effectiveness, reliability, and validity