Discuss human skills, is there a need for it? Why? Discuss the ways to improve interpersonal skills in the work place?

For anyone working in the area of human skills, there is a demand for one to master effective communication skills. It is noteworthy to examine though processes, behaviours and appropriate responses to clients, staff and colleagues. For this assignment, students are required to do the following in no more than 500 words , typed written, font 12- times in Roman. Reference is not included in the 500 word count.

1 Provide a summary of your expectations of this course.

2 Discuss human skills. Is there a need for it? Why?

3 Discuss the many ways that one can improve interpersonal skills in the work place.

Please use literature to show evidence of reading for personal development and to support personal ideas and reflections.


Power of positive thinking, Norman Vincent paele

Power of positive living, Norman Vincent paele

The four agreements, Don Miguel ruiz (1997)

Creative visualisation, shakti Gawair (2002)

Conversations with God

Stress free living, Trevor powell

The road less travelled, Scott peck