Discuss one concept/theory about leadership , business and finance homework help

Discuss one concept/theory about leadership that you learned and how you will use this information to become a better leader. At least 1000-word count.

Grading criteria for the essay

  1. Introduction (2.5 points) – You will use the introduction to provide a purpose or thesis statement for this essay.
  2. Discussion of concept/theory (8 points) – This will be a specific discussion of the concept/theory in which you define key words and specify the assumptions regarding the concept. In other words, you need to write like I know “NOTHING” about the concept. Thus, you should be able to describe the terms and concepts utilizing your own words.
  3. Application/How you will use (8 points) – You will also need to be specific regarding how you will use this information to improve your leadership. You can discuss how you have specifically already used it or you can discuss the specific steps that you will take to develop this aspect of leadership.
  4. Conclusion (2.5 points) – You will provide a clear stated conclusion summarizing the main point of your essay.
  5. Grammar (2 points) – Since you have time to edit this essay, you will be graded on mechanics of grammar including verb tense, sentence structure, etc.
  6. Logic (2 points) – I have always considered logic to be a separate component of grammar. I expect the essay to have a logical organization.
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