Discuss the nature of the ethical problems, communications homework help

Question: 1.Think of a sales message that you regard as ethically questionable.  Discuss the nature of the ethical problems and how you would correct them?

Responses: 1.Ethics is essentially knowing the difference in right and wrong, and then doing the right thing. Sales messages are usually controversial. They are many times unwanted, and they mainly use misleading persuasive tactics. Most messages nowadays are considered spam. Riddled with lies and misinformation, sales messages typically are unethical. One way to solve these problems is by simply being honest, stating the facts, considering the recipient’s privacy, being genuine, etc. 

   2.Sales messages promoting diet pills could be ethically questionable. I don’t believe there’s no magic pill that guarantees a person to lose 20 lbs in two weeks, which would be considered unhealthy anyway. With that being said, their are thousands of people that wants to believe in these scams because of their eager and desperate desire to shed some pounds. The  diet pill industry is a million dollar business, but i would still change the sales pitch from “guaranteed to make you lose weight” to “results may vary for different individuals”. I know some companies already pitch the results may vary message to avoid lawsuits, but this applies to the ones that doesn’t. If the results may vary message is clearly in the sales pitch, more than likely, the consumer may perceive this as…maybe it will work or maybe not. Either way, at least they are given a more fair opportunity to base their decision.