Discuss the role of business strategy Discussion #4 Week 6, management homework help

Discussion #4 Week 6

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Sears, K-Mart, JC Penny, Macy’s, Circuit City have closed or are closing stores and going out of business. Reportedly, Toshiba which owns Westinghouse is prepared to announce a $6.3 billion loss in Westinghouse’s U.S nuclear business. See

http://powersource.post-gazette.com/powersource/companies/2017/02/12/Toshiba-s-decision-could-shock-markets-westinghouse/stories/201702120092 (Links to an external site.)

The CEOs and top management for these companies are not dummies. They are educated, experienced managers who are respected professionals in their respective fields.

Discuss the role of business strategy in these business failures and what we as mid-level managers can learn from these experiences. Apply information from the David & David text.