Discussion 3 International finance

Listen to the narratedPowerPoint for the Chapter 3 Mini-Case: Global Remittances.  This case discusses the classification of global remittance payment flows, the fees associated with sending theses payments, and the importance of global remittances to emerging economies.Please provide at least 1 (one) well- written and well-reasoned answer to the following discussion questionsFollow the guidelines in the rubric.Discussion Questions:Where are remittances across borders included within the balance of payments? Are they current or financial account components?Under what conditions-for example, for which countries currently-are remittances significant contributors to the economy and overall balance of payments?Why is the cost of remittances the subject of such intense international scrutiny?What potential do new digital currencies-cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin-have for cross-border remittances?Submission Instructions:All responses in this discussion forum must be professional, well-reasoned, well-written, and free from profanity.  This discussion assignment should reflect the fact that this is a written product for a graduate professional program.  All responses should be professional, and if you disagree with a submission, keep it professional.  Make any criticisms constructive.  If ideas are not your own, please reference them with the appropriate internet link or written resource link.  Although I do not wish to restrict discussion, I reserve the right to fail and delete any discussion contribution that does not show proper respect for any international culture and ethnicity and/or is obscene in nature.