Week 3 DiscussionSpeculate on three reasons why employees leave an organization and three reasons why employees stay.Outline a retention strategy that HR could use to reduce the number of employees who leave an organization for the three reasons you identified.Be intentional or specific with your strategy so you can measure the desire outcome. For example, an employee might leave an organization because their manager does not communicate with them about their job performance. Your retention strategy might be to implement a performance measurement process that HR could use to track monthly or quarterly performance conversations between managers and employees as a way to close the communication gap.Week 7 DiscussionDetermine the relevancy of the following acts today:The Norris-La Guardia Act.The National Labor Relations (Wagner) Act.The Labor Management Relations (Taft-Hartley) Act.Provide three specific examples to support your position on the current relevancy of these acts. The following article provides more context for the relevancy of these acts:CNBC. August 22, 2019.How Amazon is Fighting Back Against Workers’ Increasing Efforts to Unionize. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/08/22/how-amazon-is-fighting-back-against-workers-efforts-to-unionize.htmlWeek 10 DiscussionCreate one progressive disciplinary policy for one disciplinary problem. The policy must focus on correcting the problem in two ways:By impressing on the employee the seriousness of repeated rule infractions.By providing the employee with opportunities to correct his or her behavior, before applying the ultimate penalty of discharge.For example: tardiness, unauthorized absence, sleeping on duty, gambling during working hours, discourteous conduct, failure to observe safety rules, or failure to report an accident.Provide the rationale for your policy.For assistance, review your organization’s employee handbook or reach out to your HR team for insight into their progressive discipline policy. If you are not currently with an organization, search for an employee handbook on the Internet.