Discussion post

Dennis Hightower is given three months to develop a strategy that would unite Disney heads in Europe, demonstrate innovation, and produce growth throughout Disney Europe. Hightower is expected to knit together a federation of independent country operations and create an effective center linking local subsidiaries to the center. The process would be complex and place immense demands on Hightower, including  intensive management of relationships, appropriate positioning of people, careful delegation of responsibility, and active nurturing of a healthy work environment. As you reflect on the overall change in company culture, respond to the following prompts as you prepare your discussion thread.How prepared and qualified do you think Hightower was to take on this challenge? Give specifics.How was Disney Europe organized before Hightower?What steps would you take to assess the current condition of the various European units?What approach would you use to bring about the changes to the European operation?What issues do you anticipate in the process and how would you mitigate them?How would you inspire critical thinking among the unit managers?