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***DO NOT PUT IN ESSAY FORM, BUT YET AS ANSWERING TO EACH QUESTION BY THE NUMBER ASSIGNED TO IT.DISCUSION #1:In your initial post, consider the Four Prototypic Dimensions of Parenting and address the following:Which style best describes the approach used by your parents/guardians when you were growing up?Which style do you (or would you) use with your children?What impact do you think the parenting-style you experienced growing up has had on you? Has it influenced (or would it influence) your style as a parent?Be sure to support your responses and give examples.DISCUSSION #2:This module introduces the topic of puberty and explores how children develop physically, psychosocially, and cognitively during this time. Often, parents/caregivers are not comfortable talking with children about the changes they experience during puberty and, consequently, leave children to figure things out on their own.As a parent/guardian, what do you think would be important to tell a child about puberty? Describe at least one thing you would explain from each of the following categories:physical changespsychosocial changescognitive changesDISCUSSION #3:Explain the positive and negative aspects of the living arrangements for the elderly listed below. Be sure to thoroughly evaluate each option.Living in own homeLiving with their childrenAssisted living facilityNursing home with intermediate careNursing home with skilled nursing care and make recommendations for healthy and disabled elderlyDISCUSSION #4:While life expectancies continue to increase, differences exist between men and women. As a general rule, women outlive men, yet there are a few countries where men survive longer than women.What are some reasons females outlive men in the United States and most countries of the world?What are some reasons that men outlive women in countries other than the United States?What are some of the factors that contribute to these gender differences?