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This is a discussion post that needs to be answered. No less than 150 words, cited, APA style and no plagiarism. Similarity report should be less than 20%. Should you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact me. ThanksNEW YORK POLICIES ON CONTRACEPTIVES AND ABORTION WITH OR WITHOUT INSURANCE IN NEW YORKThe United States of America has had diverse ideologies and decisions based on the concept of contraception and legalization of abortion. This is because of the diverse beliefs of people about the two conflicting topics as some people believe in them that they are good while at the same time others don not think such activities should be legalized in the society (Jones, Forrest, Goldman, Henshaw, Lincoln, Rosoff & Wulf, 2015).Nevertheless, the New York state policies on nursing and medical development have various ideologies about the use of contraceptives and abortion for the women in the society. First and foremost, there are rules that govern how abortion can be done and this rule state that for an abortion to be carried the life of the mother is predicted to be in a dangerous situation due to pregnancy complications hence the life to the baby is terminated at an earlier stage to avoid future problems. Apart from that abortion is not accepted because it causes death hence diminishes life of the infant. On same note, abortion should be done and whenever there are problems and more complications, the insurance policy will provide for the medication and treatment of the mother until she is well treated.However, those who have no medical insurance have to cater for their medical expenses when abortion compilations are detected afterwards. Hence the rule on abortion is actually very strict and people are required to have an insurance policy so as to avoid bringing heavy bill payment burden on their shoulders when such events occur. The use of contraceptives is a way of family planning and it should be accepted among the women in the society. In of a complication that occurs in a hospital when a woman had gone for contraceptive insertions the insurance of the patient caters for all the cost of treatment until the patient is      well and normal again (Jones, Forrest, Goldman,  Henshaw, Lincoln, Rosoff & Wulf, 2015).ReferencesJones, E. F., Forrest, J. D., Goldman, N., Henshaw, S. K., Lincoln, R., Rosoff, J. I., … & Wulf, D. (2015). Teenage pregnancy in developed countries: determinants and policy implications. Family planning perspectives, 17(2), 53-63.World Health Organization. (2013). Safe abortion: technical and policy guidance for health systems. World Health Organization.