Diversity Essay

600-800 Words with at least two scholarly references

Select a large, publicly traded company that has a clearly stated diversity policy, documented diversity programs and initiatives, and diversity data. You will evaluate this company throughout the course related to diversity issues.

To begin the evaluating the company, write an APA-style paper include the following information:

  1. Company Information
    • Give a brief description of the company that you will be studying throughout the course.
  2. Diversity Overview
    • Identify the company‚Äôs diversity policies, procedures, initiatives, and programs.
    • Summarize the efforts the company has made to address diversity throughout the organization.
  3. Company Analysis
    • Discuss how the company that you have selected is addressing workplace challenges impacting individuals, groups, and the organization as a whole.

Your paper must be submitted in proper APA style (with in-text citations, cover page, and reference page), and must also include a minimum of 2 scholarly research citations.