Do a research about Datorama Analytics on Prezi

You need use Prezi to write Datorama Analytics

Datorama Analytics…(when you open it click the first one that is Youtube analytic-Datorama-Marketing solution) or or you can find some web about Datorama by yourself

Prezi: (Do Datorama Analytic in here, choose the first presentation that named TEAM PREZI ASSIGNMENT by taylor knight, THEN click edit and write your work in here, do 4-7 frame, no matter circle or bracket)

GUIDELINE: (the 4 guidelines are so important, you must understand each of it! )

1. you need use Prezi to do a research about a company named Datorama that offer analytics services for Youtube!

2. So On prezi, you need introduce how to do Datorama analytic and how Datorama analytic services for youtube. Then, you need write some important point that can let people interested in Datorama analytic and enjoy it! You’ll need do a comprehensive research about Datorama and write advantage for that. You’ll need to write about obvious things like price and features, marketing for this Datorama Analytic ! You need write many aspects information about this company, also it through Youtube Analytics! That a discussion of the built-in free analytics that come with Youtube!

3. For one frame on Prezi, post 1-3 chart/ graph and then write a short analysis or report under these chart/graph .

4. In these Frame, you can write a short summary on Prezi according to the word document that is Datorama analytic as well!