Drivers of Change -HRM 498 – 5 – 4

As we discuss the reasons various organizations have gone out of business, I think we can agree that at some point the company had to make a decision that was different than their current business strategy. The organizations that can make the needed adjustments are the ones that will survive.You will see from your reading that there are internal and external forces that can drive change in an organization. Internal forces are based on actions or behaviors within the organization, while external forces are driven by actions or situations outside of the company. It can be summed up by saying internal forces of change can be handled by internal leadership while external forces are out of leadership’s control.External forces may include the economy, change in technology, or an increase or decrease in demand. Internal forces may be absenteeism, poor leadership decisions, or even lack of communication. These drivers of change will be the issues and questions that will have to be addressed by your “Champion”, stakeholders, and other decision makers.