Dublin EMS System in ireland

I am doing a project about Dublin EMS in Ireland. Basically, this project is about making another EMS system in Dublin. We have gathered some information about Dublin and we are creating another system. One part of the project is to write about the 14 14 attributes of the EMS system. The goal of these 14 attributes is to show how we are going to serve the population of Dublin by these attributes. Do Define these 14 attributes.

  • Integration of Health Services
  • EMS Research
  • Legislation and Regulation;
  • System Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Medical Direction
  • Education Systems
  • Public Education
  • Prevention;
  • Public Access
  • Communication Systems
  • Clinical Care;
  • Information Systems
  • Evaluation.

it should be very long. A small paragraph to a Half page for each is great.

here is an example of it. : https://www.ems.gov/pdf/2010/EMSAgendaWeb_7-06-10….

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