Due in one hour and a half – HRM 320

1. What is the difference between actual and implied actual authority? Give an example of each.2. Describe the employment-at-will rule, and list the exceptions to it.3. Can an employer specify recent college graduate in an employment ad?4.  Barbara Ann Smith, from London, Connecticut, is white and applied for the leading role as a slave in a documentary on slaves and their escape from the South prior to the Civil War. She was not selected for the position because she is white, and she doesn’t look like the character she wants to portray. Is this a case of discrimination? Support your position.5.  Jimmy Johns arrived to work 15 minutes late. Wanda, the supervisor notices his glassy eyes and inability to focus on what he is doing. Wanda knows Jimmy was in rehabilitation for drug use last month and is concerned about Jimmy’s ability to work with heavy machinery. Jimmy staggers over to the forklift and falls over the seat. What are Wanda’s options for drug testing? Support your position.