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You are doing a presentation on labor history to a group of individuals who do not know anything about the background of labor relations. You will need to select a historical time frame below (only select 1 time frame) and provide the following information:Give a general description of the time frame selected, including the following:Years coveredMajor events during that year that affected labor (e.g., presidential election, inventions, economic crisis or boom)Describe the major figures (e.g., labor leaders, political leaders, activists) that impacted American labor.Respond to the following questions:What dominant labor unions existed, and what was the state of their power?How did the events of this period, historical figures, and political decisions change the fabric of labor history (strikes, major labor laws, or major labor news events)?What did you learn from this assignment that was significant to what you do today?Select 1 of the following time frames:1800–18601861–18991900–19601961–1999Please submit your assignment.For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.Other InformationInstructions:Label each slide with the requirement being addressed.Put slides in order of the requirement listing in the task list.Keep speaker’s comments within word range requirement per slide. Your response should not exceed the space allotted for speaker’s notes below the slide. (If needed, you can change the line spacing to single-space under View, and then click on Notes Page.)